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TORN. Short Dagger Single Earring - Silver

NOTHING to complain about

I’m very satisfied with the ring


Perfect for layering or on its own, obsessed.

FAWN 3. Three Claw Talon Earrings - Silver

Great earrings & it’s lovely how they are multi tonal.when you move. Hoops are too tricky to close easily & not very sturdy

Beautiful and subtle


Perfect size and well made, I’m very allergic with my jewelry and it was amazing, 0 problems

The ring is perfect, I use it every day.

AYSU. Mini Moon Crescent Necklace

Nice product

I have never known such speedy delivery 11/10 for that


Absolutely love this necklace ✨


Very beautiful and delicate, love them!

DEATH BLOOM. Black Agate Gemstone Necklace - Silver

love it

I love it, pretty and well finished


J’aime beaucoup ces boucles, mais elles ont un léger défaut (à mon goût) je trouve que le point d’accroche n’est pas assez puissant et ça arrive qu’elles se détachent (sans tomber heureusement!).
J’ai en une sur les deux qui a commencé à s’oxyder, j’ai tendance à oxyder les bijoux très rapidement au niveau des loges oreilles mais je pensais pas que ça arriverait aussi vite… ce sont quand même de très beaux bijoux mais j’en suis mitigée


Love these earrings. Very easy to use clasp. Looks great, very good quality


Couldn’t look or feel more cheap.

FORBIDDEN. Heart Dagger Hoop Earrings - Silver

Thin Metal, Slow Delivery

The band bends extremely easily and delivery time is oddly slow and drawn out.



Paquete de envío

Compré por vuestra tienda este anillo y unos pendientes. El paquete de envío era una caja de cartón para ambas joyas y dentro venían en bolsas de plástico etiquetadas.
Me parece bochornoso que pagando 80€ por aquel pedido haya llegado así.

ARDOUR. Sacred Heart Hoop Earrings - Silver

I received an unwearable misshapen tarnished ring

This ring arrived very tarnished right out of the package. The ring itself is misshapen and although the rings description says it's a "Symmetrical diamond shaped ring", the ring I received was not symmetrical. I would never be able to wear this ring because I would be embarrassed to wear something of such poor quality.
I immediately contacted customer support who did not address this issue whatsoever. After weeks of emails, nothing has been done about this. They just stopped bothering to respond to my emails. Terrible customer service. Buyer beware!

I really liked them but they kind of hurt my ear, it was only when I tried to sleep it would make my ear really sore!

very cute. Nice quality

I wore these to work and got so many compliments on them! they're very light on the earlobes as well. 10/10