AnchorCert Allergen Testing

Aligning with our core value of wellbeing, Regalrose is happy to share that we are actively testing with AnchorCert. Testing across a spectrum of known allergens, AnchorCert testing is added to the production safeguards already in place for our jewellery, to ensure our product is extremely unlikely to cause an allergic reaction. Please find more details below. We are always here to answer any questions you may have.


What is AnchorCert Protect?

AnchorCert Protect is a unique UKAS-accredited testing methodology that identifies and measures a suite of 16 metallic elements that may cause Allergic Contact Dermatitis (ACD). We adhere to regulatory compliance in relation to REACH, Nickel and General Product Safety Regulations for jewellery.


Who are AnchorCert?

Forming part of the historically renowned Birmingham Assay Office, the AnchorCert Analytical Laboratory has become one of the UK’s leading test houses for the analysis of precious metals and product safety compliance.


Which RegalRose products are certified allergen free?

Every incoming product line is tested, indicating that our pieces are extremely unlikely to cause an allergic reaction. This leaves you safe in the knowledge that you can wear our products with confidence.