Ashes Ring Instructions

Suggested additional items to aid process:
1 x Sheet of clean white paper
1 x Small plastic spoon/scoop

Filling Instructions:

Step 1) Place paper on a clear and well lit work surface. Lay out the tool on the paper. This will ensure all urn parts are visible and close.

Step 2) Using a small spoon or scoop place a small portion of ashes onto the paper.

Step 3) Using the hex key, unscrew the stopper on the reverse of the ring in an 'anti-clockwise' motion. Ensure the hex key is correctly inserted into position before you attempt turning. Take care not to scratch the ring. Safely set aside the stopper and hex key on the paper.

Step 4) Place the tip of the funnel in the compartment opening, consider having someone help you hold the funnel in place if needed. Using the spoon/scoop, pour a small amount of ashes into the funnel.

Step 5) Use the tamper to gently push the ashes through the funnel into the chamber. Do not completely fill the chamber, be sure to leave enough room for the stopper to be returned without disturbing the ashes.

Step 6) Carefully remove the funnel. Use the tip of the tamper to clear away and ashes from the screw threads.

Step 7) Replace the screw and gently tighten in a 'clockwise' motion. Important - ensure the screw is accurately vertical/straight before attempting to screw closed; as the thread can be damaged if forced in at an angle.

Step 8) Optional - Add a dot of super glue/clear nail polish under the screw head just before the screw is fully fastened. This acts as a watertight seal.