5 signs you'd qualify as a Witch in the 16th Century

witch burn fire 16th century

The 16th century was a dangerous time to be different. Many people believed that witches were part of a conspiracy who were given magical powers by the Devil to destroy the human race. Most of those who were branded Witches were women, as they were seen as the more 'wicked' sex. As mass paranoia spread across Europe, thousands of innocent people were sentenced to death.

You could have been considered a Witch if you qualified for any of the below...

1. If you own a cat.

If you were an owner of a cat, you we're more likely to be considered a Witch. Most cats during the Tudor period in England were burnt or otherwise destroyed because of the fear that they would attract evil. You may recall we often hear Royalty kept pets such as dogs and monkeys...but never cats!

2. You have a large mole or birthmark.

Any of these found on the body could be interpreted as the Devil's mark. The suspected 'Witches' were completely rid of their body hair until a marking was found.

3. You have attempted to predict the identity of your future husband.

That's right! No dreaming. To imagine or discuss what your future husband would be like was a sign of looking into the future and practising Witchcraft.

4. You have mouldy butter or milk in your fridge.

Several testimonials against the accused 'Witches' mention spoiled dairy products found in their homes. Go check. NOWWW!!!!

5. You float in water.

Many people were thrown into water with their thumbs tied to their opposite big toes. If they floated, they were guilty; if they sank, they were innocent...(and dead)

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