Drop an XMAS hint!

We've made it easy to drop that subtle hint this Xmas!

Well we say subtle, now you can drop a hint that won't go unheard, unnoticed, misunderstood or forgotten! Now you can politely nudge that special person and show 'em EXACTLY what you want this Xmas.

1 - First, locate your dream piece. Just under the information and description of each product in-store you'll find the 'DROP A HINT' button. Make sure you select the size, colour and/or quantity (if available on your chosen product) before clicking the button.

- Next you simply need to enter the names and email details required.
- Lastly, press the 'PREVIEW' button for a sneak peek at what they'll receive. Check the details are correct and then go ahead and press 'SEND'. (If there is more than one piece you have your eye on you'll need to drop a hint for each product)

WA-LAH! Your hint has been emailed. They have mail, REGAL mail. The email they'll receive will take them straight to the product and variant you selected. Easy!

So go on, what are you waiting for? GO HINT!

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