A taste of the Twenties


A tale of love, lust, immense wealth and debauchery: The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald has the perfect mix of ingredients to inspire new Regal Rose designs. There's absolutely no modesty when it comes to jewellery in the 1920's: it's all about being flashy and every once in a while that’s something we can totally get on board with...

If you’re not already drooling of the idea of the most glittery, sparkly cocktail rings you ever did see then feast your eyes on these new beauties. Drooooooling much?

opalite gatsby inspired rings 
We opted for a killer combination of Opalite and Cubic Zirconia to create pieces that catch the light and SHINE. Characteristic of the 20’s art deco style; the Gatsby ring sports a fan of Cubic Zirconia surrounding a central Opalite gemstone. The aesthetic for the Champagne design is a little softer: a central Opalite featuring star-like cut Cubic Zirconia.

These rings are ready to accompany you on date night (just make sure bae is wearing a tux & you’re going somewhere with chandeliers).

Want the ultimate look? Team together to pack a party punch. Now all you have to do is find your nearest underground jazz club and you’re ready for a summer of style (and fun!)


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