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halloween campaign

After 100's of comments with ideas, suggestions and tags from our beloved and best Instagram followers, the face of our 2016 Halloween Collection was selected and finally announced on the day of the launch, earlier this month!

She wears black and has the most colourful mind...

Who is Olivia Emily?

Olivia Emily is a dark and mysterious blogging QUEEN. Her style, red hair, elegance and eye for detail has been something us girls in the Regal Rose Studio have always admired. Olivia shoots, styles and posts outfits on her personal style blog. Always true to her style, Olivia's outfit posts totally inspire with her unique skill of creating looks that magically mix 90's staples, grunge and gothic-glam.

halloween olivia emily

With only a little direction from the Regal Rose creative team, Olivia took the brief running and produced some outstanding imagery which truly highlight the individual beauty of each piece from the collection. We couldn't have been more lucky than to work with such a fitting muse for the campaign as Emily. A true english rose, creative, mysterious in style, elegant and simply drop dead gorgeous.

So glad you reached the bottom of one of our new blog posts! Here's a very sneaky thank you for your continuous support and love for #REGALROSE.
Please enjoy 20% OFF EVERYTHING in the Halloween Collection!  
Enter 'GIVE20' at checkout.

*Discount code cannot be used with any other offers. Expires 1st November.

Olivia's faves from the collection are; the Witch Hunter Black Pearl Crown, Eclipse Huge Floral Crescent EarringsLilith 3 Finger Bat Ring and the Malice Double Snake Collar Necklace

bat ring crescent moon earrings crown double snake necklace

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