Green Finger Myth

Are you partial to a little green finger?

green finger sterling silver ring

FEAR NOT! You have not just been conned into buying a fake ring. Nor are you a green monster.

Many people think that your finger (or ring) turns green because it is not real silver. This is not the case. In fact, the opposite is true! Sterling Silver rings can turn your finger green because of the moisture (including water, sweat or humidity!) in the skin, causing a chemical reaction with the alloys in the Silver.

green finger ring

Some people will react more than others. This is simply due to the fact of 'human-ness' and different levels of moisture and acidity in the skin varies from one person to the next. So don't freak! You're not a green monster. Nor do you have to stop wearing Silver!!

Other acids that can cause tarnish and oxidisation are also found in the air, water, soaps and body lotion. Stay tuned for our next blog post on 'How to clean and care for your silver jewellery'

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